D.H. Covey

Artist:  Surrealist Painter & Conceptual Designer

D.H. began earning wages as a teen-aged artist in the mid-70s with newspaper illustrations for the Southwest Times of Pulaski, Va.  Commissioned commercial artworks at that time included a couple of large murals for video game rooms, and private commissions which included illustrations of pets, homesteads, and a private airplane.  D.H. married in Virginia then moved to Maryland where he began illustrating science fiction and fantasy artwork and was featured at several Sci-Fi & Fantasy conventions. While exhibiting at a Fangoria horror movie convention in New York City, he met the movie director Brian Yuzna who offered D.H. work as a motion picture storyboard artist.  D.H. now lives in the Los Angeles area where he continues to work occasionally in motion pictures, but devotes most of his time on his surrealistic paintings and teaching.

Educational Background

D.H. earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Maryland Institute College of Art in 1993.  He earned his CBEST Teaching Credential in 2002.  In 2008 he earned Course Credential in Photoshop at HLPUSD Adult Education Center. D.H. is expecting to receive his Masters of Liberal Arts Degree from Johns Hopkins University in December of 2021. 


“Aliens, Clowns and Geeks”

Conceptual Designs & Storyboards
HGAG Partners LLC 
Director:  Richard Elfman
“Takut: Faces of Fear”

Castillano Productions
Director Brian Yuzna
“Beneath Still Waters”

Castillano Productions
Director:  Brian Yuzna

Media 8 Entertainment
Director:  Barbara Kopple

Graveyard Filmworks
Director: Anthony Ferrante

Conceptual Design & Storyboards
Castillano Productions
Director:  Brian Yuzna
“The Next Action Star”

Presentation Boards
G.R.B. Entertainment/Silver Pictures
 “Masked and Anonymous”

American Entertainment Investors/BBC
Director: Larry Charles
“Beyond Re-Animator”

Storyboards & Creative Consulting
Director: Brian Yuzna
“The Dentist 2”

Trimark Pictures/HBO
Director:  Brian Yuzna 

Castillano Productions
Director:  Stuart Gordon

Storyboards, Conceptual Designs
    & Prop Fabrications
Progeny Films, Inc.
Director:  Brian Yuzna
“Soul Survivors”

Artisan Entertainment
Director:  Steve Carpenter
“American Tragedy: The O.J. Simpson Story”

TVM Productions
“The Base 2: Guilty as Charged”

Dog Tag Prod/American World Pictures
Director: Mark Lester
“Johnny Tsunami”

Syracuse Productions
Disney Channel
Director:  Steve Boyum
“Can of Worms”

Gross-Weston Prod
Disney Channel
Director:  Paul Schneider
“Men in White”

Melville Productions
Director:  Scott Levy 
“Wishmaster II”

Storyboards & Featured Paintings
Make a Wish Productions/Artisan Pictures
Director: Jack Sholder

Special Effects Boards
Sundowning Productions
Director:  John Asher
“Addams Family Reunion”

Prop Fabrications
Mellville Productions
Prod. Designer:Anthony Tremblay
“The Cross”

KNN Productions
Director:  Lance Tracy
PSA: Safe Sex
The Candies Foundation
Director: John Asher
Print Advertisements
Prop Fabrications for:
     M & I Data Services  (Print Ad) 
     Thanks To Gravity’ (CD Cover) 
     Hewlett Packard (Print Ad)
“The One”
Trailer Park Pam Productions
Director:  John Asher
Star Field/Space Background Design
Conceptual Designs
Bryn Mawr Films Ltd.
Director:  Erik Osborn
“Alien Sky”
Storyboards & Concept Figures
Total Film Group
Director:  John Asher 
Storyboards & SPFX boards
Cinagroup Entertainment Corp.
Director:  Brian Yuzna 
“Herbal V”
Television Commercial
Director: John Asher
“Celebrity House” 
TV Pilot
Director: Richard Elfman